Football Left Baseball in the Outfield

With the baseball spring training season just around the corner let’s all take a moment to understand why football will always be better than baseball.

Admittedly, baseball was once America’s pastime.  The game was played through wars and was the escape for a nation for more years than football has been.  With that being said, football stole our hearts and there’s no looking back. It’s like finding your soul mate when you’ve been dating someone else, it may not be nice to say, but you’re soul mate always makes you happier.

What arguments can be made for my initial statement?  Well I offer you, dear reader, examples from different realms to qualm your hearts, and show you that football will always be better.  Let’s look at the differences in the core philosophies of both football and baseball.  First, both are team sports, but football will always be the ULTIMATE team sport. Everyone works together on every play. Baseball has teams, but it seems like most of the time there are three people on the field:  The pitcher, the batter and whoever catches/misses the ball. Sure you have plays where more of the team is used, but for sitting through nine grueling innings, it barely seems to scratch the surface of “teamwork”

Football is played by athletic men.  Football is arguably the most athletic mass sport in the world.  The training that goes into one man to get ready for a season is staggering. You have to run fast, catch well while worrying about getting hit and keep in mind pass routes as well as strategies. Baseball seems to be one of the few sports where you can stand in a field for 3 hours and be called a sports star.  Have you seen how many baseball players have beer guts?  Sure, offensive lineman do, but I guarantee they are still in better shape than baseball players. Baseball players wear helmets while they bat; football players wear helmets all the time.  It is a more aggressive, manly and athletic sport.

Let’s talk statistics. How many games does baseball have, 137? (I think) Why? That is one of the most ridiculous things every!  Do you know why baseball has that many?  Because it’s not that much of a sport, so they need to play more to make up for lack of actual sport. Football has 16 games and they all matter. If I lose 20 baseball games who cares?  In the grand scheme of things there are plenty more to win.  In football every game counts.  You need to play your heart out every week to get to the playoffs.  Speaking of which, playoffs: one game per team paring in football and the Superbowl is just one game. Baseball has seven?  I’m tired just writing this it’s so boring. If you’re a numbers person look at it this way:  The Superbowl has consistently been the most watched SHOW in America for the past decade, and the Superbowl has more and more viewers every year.   Here is another fun one:  Regular Monday night football games have more viewers than baseball playoffs.  Read that again, that’s playoffs.

More reasons why football is better:  There are better teams and better fans for those teams. Football has more exciting, heart wrenching games. Every game is different; teams have real coaches, real players and real strategies.  Baseball its “hit the ball”. That’s not a sport, that’s an online game during work. Football players are more well-known than baseball players. Football players are better athletes than baseball players.  Football even has better statistics than baseball, and even our commentators are better, though admittedly, some of the commentators are the same. If you’re a kid who wants to play in your back yard all you need is a football. If you’re a kid, baseball is like ice climbing:  You need a lot of gear before you can even play. There are so many more reasons why.  If I haven’t listed enough then look at this for some more.

However, I saved the best reason for last. Football is about passion.  Football is about teams fighting for the last score, fighting to come from behind, fighting to be the best. It’s about having 75,000 people on their feet cheering for the team to come back from behind, to win it all.  Even watching on TV you can feel the palpable passion that exudes from the game. From the excellence that comes from the play, from the lessons that come from pure teamwork. And, when that final touchdown is scored and the crowed goes wild, there is no better feeling, in all of sports, for the passion that the players and the crowds feel.  Football is the ultimate standard of the freedom that we share in America.  Welcome home football, the ultimate American pastime.

“Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it’s so incredible, it’s unbelievable.”

~ Tom Landry