Thoughts on Meat

Let me start with an aside. If you know anything about the China Study read the link below first. Campbell’s study has been debunked six ways to Sunday, and he even admitted that he cherry picked facts for his study to make it sound more appealing. The other challenge with it comes from the fact that more and more studies are proving him wrong. I don’t really want to get into that now, since this is a post on meat, but the link below is a good dissertation on why Campbell and the China Study is bonkers.

First, let me tell you that I do get a lot of veggies. I eat them with every meal, and I agree that they are needed. They contain lots of good nutrients and vitamins. That being said, meat is better for you than veggies. There are a couple of reasons for this:

Meats have more nutrient content that people need than veggies do. Think of it this way – if you had to survive on either lettuce or beef for the rest of your life you could only do it with beef. The reason for this is that of the macro nutrients that keep cells dividing and carrying oxygen veggies have 4. Meat on the other hand has ALL of them.

Second, meat, unlike veggies has wonderful amounts of saturated fat. This is the perfect gasoline for the human body. It does so much for you, and is very healthy. People who eat a lot of saturated fat are a lot less likely to develop cancer or have heart disease. I won’t go into much detail hear, but there is a fantastic interview with Dr. Eades (insulin resistance doctor) on all of the great benefits of eating saturated fat.

This begs the question, well how come there is so much cancer, heart disease and obesity?  I’m glad you asked because the answer comes from two locations. “health food” and “processed food”.

When everyone decided that animal fat, which we’d been eating for thousands of years was unhealthy they came up with the vegetable oils. These poly saturated fats were the new panacea for all of our diet woes. The problem is it was the worst thing that could happen. Poly saturated fats cause huge spikes in insulin and insulin resistance is what causes weight gain, diabetes and all those other nasty, nasty things. My best advice to you would be to make sure you throw out all that canola oil and start eating more chicken skin and bacon!

The second, is processed foods, but do we really need to go over why they’re bad?

“But the fact of the matter is that all scientific evidence would show, based upon what we know about this disease, that muscle cuts – that is, the meat of the animal itself – should not cause any risk to human health.”

~ Ann Veneman