NFL Week 3

I’m not a professional football analyst by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just giving my thoughts about what I saw in the NFL week three. It was quite a good week for football. There’s really no reason to take my predictions to heart, though the way ESPN hires football analysts, I’m sure I could be in the running for some kind of position over there. Anyway, here are my thoughts on this week:


What a boring game Thursday was, unless you had Julio on your fantasy team. Either way the Falcons looked like they picked a Tampa high school game to play instead of a professional one. However, though I believe the Falcons will be much better this year, there are still so many questions when it comes to playing very good teams. Playing Tampa (or Jacksonville for that matter) is like playing Mortal Kombat on “novice”. The computer may get in a punch to your face, but unless you totally screw up, you’re going to win. Was the Falcons/Saints game a fluke? Only time will tell.


The Super Bowl rematch. The game we deserved in February. That is what everyone is saying. I love the past too, but let’s look at the present. The Broncos did show they had what it takes to not get their asses handed to them every time they meet Seattle, but I question their ability to match them early on. Yes, it was amazing to see a game tying drive with 59 seconds on the clock and no time-outs. Yes, it was epic to see those 6 plays for 80 yards. Yes, that 2-point conversion to Thomas in the back of the end zone was poetry. The problem with our culture is we only focus on the “right now”. Where was that kind of Bronco play for  the first 3 1/2 quarters?  If Thomas had caught his passes early on there would have been no need for a game tying drive of on the scale of the movie 300. It was fun for us watching it, but I’m sure the Broncos didn’t like to do it. The Broncos had the best offense last year. They need to be the aggressors all the time. They need to manhandle teams with their wideouts and running backs, they want the other team looking back at them with fear in their eyes. They have the talent to do this, but week after week the game plan is get ahead and hang on. This will not last forever. Will this be a real Super Bowl rematch? I don’t think so. One of these teams is losing in the playoffs, and right now, it’s not the Seahawks.


This is a really strong team, so what’s going on here?  I’ve read a lot of post coverage of week three and when it comes to SF I see the word, “panic” a lot. I don’t think it’s time for that yet, and I believe that by mid October, you’ll see a franchise that is playing elite football. They just have summer malaise.


What a great win. This looked like the Steeler team that beat Arizona in the Super Bowl. Is this just how we hope the Steeler’s play every week, or is this the Steeler’s for real. Only time will tell. One concerning note, they got the win over an elite team by sacrificing 3 of their best defenders. I’m not sure which will be missed more, but Ike Taylor is really going to hurt, just like I’m sure his arm does. If the rookie defense can step up, than we maybe looking at the playoffs.


It’s a cool large cat. Not so much for a football team.


The biggest problem with Brady and crew has always been the slowness of the team. They could have won so many more games is they had picked up the pace, and had some faster game plans. They have some great comeback victories, but with their talent there should be no need for comeback victories, only victories. They become too relaxed when they are ahead. Much like the Broncos they are the student that only does enough to get by, and most of the time that’s good enough, but sometimes (cough, two Super Bowls, cough) it’s not.


Bouncing back. I don’t expect to see to many more losses, but their defense is terrible.


Too many State Farm commercials, not enough offense.


Nick Foles is really the definition of “team player”. He relies on all his weapons and he does what it takes to get his team to 3-0. They are really one to watch for this year, and I look forward to see more of him. Plus, his team loves him enough to start a fight with the Redskins football team.


Sleeper of the year, I see them in the AFC Championship.

Super Bowl Prediction after 3 weeks:

Seahawks vs Chargers