Books You Need to Read That You’ve Never Heard Of


The King in Yellow is a remarkable book written more than 100 years ago. It is a macabre book of stories that intertwine over the central theme of The King in Yellow. The book speaks to the heart on the darkest matters of the heart that connect us all. From a young sculptor who falls in loves with his sculpture to a bloody rain of death in the United Kingdom The King in Yellow shakes to the foundation the things we all hold in reserve, in the darkest corners and the blackest boxes that live in the human heart.


The Monk is the oldest book on this list. Written in the 18th century the book tells the story of a young monk, the treachery in which he finds himself and a struggle with Satan. The monk is the father of what today is considered, “gothic literature”. This book began the culture of dark, foreboding books that speak to the heart of what we hold dear. It deals with how we long to find what is good and pure, and how we must face what is dark and sinister to find it. It is a testament to how we can triumph, and what darkness will do to those who lose the hope they hold dear in their hearts.


To Build a Fire is a story about loneliness and desperation. Everyone knows of Jack London and his depictions of the cold tundra in which people win glory and fall into darkness. This story continues London’s iconic writing and delves into one man and the verge of death in the wild. The image painted by London’s words is so good, it is one of the few stories you will read that will make you feel the chill of the cold even on the warmest of summer days.


Eight White Nights is a love story for today. It takes place between Christmas Day and New Years Eve and follows the life of an unnamed narrator as he falls in love with the enigmatic Clara. The book speaks to the poignancy of the things we say and don’t say when it comes to love and how just being honest is really what makes for the best of circumstances. It also shows that the warmest love may be found on the coldest nights.


The Shadow of the Wind is a book unlike few others. It is a book that speaks to all who love to read. It is a book that reminds you why you read. It is a book whose gradeur and poetic story speak to the heart of every book lover. Not only will you cherish this book for the rest of your life, you’ll wonder how you ever read so long and never found this book. Never underestimate the power of reading or of fiction. This book shows you that the power of the book is more than many civilizations.


2 thoughts on “Books You Need to Read That You’ve Never Heard Of

  1. Great list! I’m looking further into the titles. The only one I’ve read is ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ which was an exciting blend of mystery, action, drama and good prose.

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